What People Say About The Book

Love is never past tense...  A Sea of feelings...  An ocean of deep experiences…

A young reader will find the light of first love in this book and an older woman will say that this book presents  life with imagination and beauty of actual events.

Sunniness--the energy of heroes, more truly, the heroine--penetrates you so deeply that it fills in the innermost recesses of your soul and  brightens  the world with light of love. Much has been said about it, but not everything...

The world of this book is infinite, the theme is universal and there is so much to write about it… The breadth  of each part of the book is inexhaustible,  as well as the heroine - love by name Janna...
Nina Kachurenko, teacher, NY,NY

I could not strop reading Love Is Never Past Tense... Great read!
W. Barshai, Poet and Humanitarian,  Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Love is Never Past Tense is a book that will open your heart...
Misty Nicole Skeen, Reiki and Polarity Therapist, Columbus, OH

Stephen Colbert on his September 6, 2011 show said, "We are all the heroes of our own stories." He was responding to a research study that shows people enjoy a story better when they know the ending. If that is true, then reading stories based on someone's real experience is indeed a treat. We know where they are, we know the end, but how they got there is sharing the true experience.

Janna Yeshanova weaves a personal story as a young woman of incredible strength and bravery to a woman who through her own personal, internal strength blossoms into an individual of beauty. Janna leads us through a love story in the present whose beginnings were from her past. She takes us through the twists and turns that life often puts before us and shows us how to land on top. We connect with this character from the past and present either because we see ourselves in her or because she represents what we would wish to be.

I highly recommend this book. Its' story spoke to me and taught me lessons I almost forgot. But, then again, who can forget love blossoming, roads traveled, and love regained?
Lisa Singh, International mediator,facilitator,trainer, Dayton, OH

Your book was a great read! Full of history, adventure and romance. Anyone who's faced struggles in life will enjoy it just as I did!  Love is Never Past Tense...  inspires you to believe in yourself. 
Jennifer Diltz, Massage Therapist, Hilliard, OH

Love is never past tense is a sensual love story set across contemporary Russian culture. It is inspiring as a reminder of passionate love beyond early youth.
Dorothy E. Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC, Coach, Author, Conference speaker and learning consultant

Эта книга - история настоящей любви, рассказанная самими влюбленными. Именно это делает ее интересной самому широкому кругу читателей.Невыдуманный рассказ о событиях, увиденных через призму врозь прожитых лет и заново пережитых вместе, не просто заставляет сопереживать, а пробуждает самые тонкие, сокровенные струны души и дает ответ на вечный вопрос - ради чего стоит жить. Потому что когда с сожалением переворачиваешь последнюю страницу, понимаешь: если не любишь и не любят тебя - это не настоящая жизнь, в ней нет того, что заставляет душу болеть и летать, плакать и смеяться, а сердце - петь или истекать кровью. Кто любит, тот поймет. А кто не любит, тот по-доброму позавидует героям и захочет заболеть любовью сам.
Nadezhda Pantiushina, Editor of the Russian version of the book Ничего Себе Любовь, Simferopol, Ukraine